Electronic Time Delay – 2 Wire (Optional 3 Wire) 10A, 30sec – 259 mi

$61.13 ex. GST

GEO Series
250V AC 10A
Product Code: LSTDE-L
Warranty: 5 Years InHouse

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The GEO Series time delay switch is just 6.5mm thick and rated at 240V AC 10amp it can be used in both 2 and 3 wire modes. Time delay settings 30 seconds – 259 minutes are made by removing the cover plate and accessing the micro switch toggle with no need to remove the switch plate from the wall. Type A and B program allows a variety of installation and performance options. Available in white only with optional cover plates in brushed aluminium, brushed brass. 5 year InHouse Warranty. IMPORTANT – In applications where a neutral wire is not connected to the product as is the case in 2 wire mode, a minimum load of 35W load must be connected to the product to ensure that a minimum current is available to power the microprocessor in the off state. If a minimum load of 35W cannot be achieved, then a load correction device needs to be wired in parallel to the load of the product. In addition, as an electronic relay switching device it is imperative that the installer ensures that the combined inrush current of the load connected to the device does not exceed the 10A rating of the relay. Failure to do so will reduce the life of the relay contacts and void warranty.Please refer to the PDF datasheet for further information.



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