The Magnet Test for Switches & Socket Outlets

The Magnet Test for Switches & Socket Outlets

Buying cheaper electrical product puts pressure on Suppliers to find a way to reduce manufacturing costs so that they can continue to win your business.

Traditionally the internal metal components of a power outlet are made from copper, with a high percentage of phosphorous bronze. Terminals and terminal screws are traditionally made from brass. Some manufactures however are substituting brass terminal screws for zinc plated steel, which means make the product cheaper to purchase, however, here lies the problem. Electrified zinc coated steel products and components have poor corrosion resistance properties. If the zinc coating is too thin or throughout the manufacturing or installation process the zinc coating has been damaged in any way, then when exposed to ambient moisture, those components can start to rust. Potentially the power outlet may fail or even worse, catch fire. Is that really a risk that you want to take?

In this video we compare a number of different power outlets from some recognised manufacturers and show you a simple way to test the quality of the product you have purchased.

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As a small business we often produce our own videos, and we like to have a laugh too! Check out the Magnet Test video funny moments (Behind The Scenes with Dean Lucantonio – Founder & CEO of Connected Switchgear)


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