Industrial Switchgear

Industrial Strength Switches, Power Outlets & Plugs

Connected Switchgear offers a wide range of industrial switchgear. The IMPACT range of IP66 rated Industrial Switchgear has become the industry standard. Our lockable switched combination socket outlets, appliance inlets and RCD protected outlets are rated at IP66 and are available in both single phase and three phase configurations, with both round and flat pins.

Moulded from impact and chemical resistant polycarbonate means that you can trust the product will perform in the most demanding of industrial applications.

For those that demand additional features such as LED phase indicators and ID label panels for their IP66 switchgear then the NEW IMPACT S range of switchgear is the smart choice. A unique new look for what is an otherwise dated and boring range of product the IMPACT S leads us into the 21st century.

For those with unique industrial requirements such as general industry, agriculture, entertainment, building sites, portable equipment and dockside power, we also offer a wide range of IP67 rate CEE Form industrial switchgear to suit any requirements.