Industrial Switchgear

Industrial Switchgear

IP66 & IP67 Rated Industrial Switchgear

Connected Switchgear offers a wide range of industrial switchgear. The IMPACT range of IP66 rated products has become the industry standard. All products in this series are IP66 Rated. they are available in single and three phase configurations, with round and flat pins.

Our industrial switchgear is made from impact and chemical resistant polycarbonate so they are built tough for harsh Australian conditions. This means that you can trust that the product will perform in even the most demanding industrial applications.

If you desire additional features, the IMPACT S Series should be your first choice because the optional LED phase indicators and identification label panels make these products unique. In addition, the new curved design of this series will lead you and your next project into the 21st century.

As a contractor, you may have unique industrial requirements. These may include general industry, agriculture, entertainment, building sites, portable equipment and dockside power. So that is why we offer a wide range of IP67 CEE Form products so that you have what you need to meet your job requirements.

All series come with a 5 Year In House Warranty. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that if a fault arises within that period, there's no need to worry. Connected Switchgear will cover the cost of the replacement item and it's installation by a licensed electrician.*

So whether you're working on a building site or dockside, we have the products to get your job done. Choose Connected Switchgear today for all your industrial needs!


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