Warranty Policy


All Connected Switchgear products come with a standard INHOUSE Limited warranty of 5 years*. That means that you have peace of mind knowing that if a fault develops with any of our products within a five year period, then Connected Group Australia will cover the cost of replacing the product and it’s installation by an authorized electrician to a maximum value labour cost up to $90.00 for any defective product. In the case of the PLATINUM range of products the period of warranty is 10 years.

*In the case of the BASIX Series, Trade Version MRCBO’s, SMS1T and USB-POD10, the warranty is a 6 month replacement only warranty.

In the event that multiple items may need repair or replacement, Connected Switchgear reserves the right to assess the claim on a collective basis, not individually. Connected Switchgear has the right to accept or refuse any claim made for warranty and or the cost of replacement.



Our Warranty does not cover products that have been altered, tampered with or misused, or has been installed in an application for which it was not designed.

In the case of products that are supplied but not manufactured by Connected Switchgear, then the original manufactures warranty terms and conditions apply.




IF A FAULT OCCURS, and the product has NOT been installed
1. Return the product to your place of purchase, or
2. Return the faulty product to Connected Switchgear to arrange replacement

IF A FAULT OCCURS, and the product HAS been installed
3. Contact Connected Switchgear to arrange fault analysis and to organise replacement In all cases verification of the faulty product must be established before Connected Switchgear will recognize a warranty claim and replace the item.

In the event that Connected Switchgear has been called to repair or replace a product that is not deemed faulty, or has developed a fault that is not the liability of Connected Switchgear, or the result of incorrect installation, then a standard callout fee of $99+gst will apply.

No claims for warranty will be considered where the faulty product has been repaired or replaced by others prior to the warranty claim being filed with Connected Switchgear.

Connected Switchgear reserves the right to refuse any claim for warranty that it deems as not complying with the terms and conditions of its Warranty Policy.

By requesting a callout by Connected Switchgear, the customer acknowledges and is bound by the above terms and conditions.

Please click here for more information on our In House Warranty Policy.


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