Why Buy Csg?

Connected Switchgear is a 100% Australian Owned and Operated company. That means that we have an intimate knowledge of the electrical industry in Australia, together with a clear understanding of what the discerning electrical contractor requires from trusted quality electrical products.

As a result of a focused and determined mission, and by listening to our customers we are able to respond in a way that allows us to continually improve our customers experience in dealing with us.

Below are just some reasons why it pays to buy Connected Switchgear products:

product development


Connected Switchgear has product development systems in place. Our products are under constant review for quality and performance, we encourage customer feedback and value your input.

We commit a percentage of our profits to designing new products to meet the needs and requirements of the ever changing industry.

product compliance


All our products undergo strict testing and compliance in order to comply with Australian Regulatory Rules. If it’s not legally approved or legally complies with the relevant Australian Standards, then we don’t sell it.

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product warranty


At Connected Switchgear, we understand the value of time and money, we appreciate that unreliable quality of products can impact on your time, profit and reputation. That is why we “put our money where our mouth is”, our products come with a basic 5 Year IN HOUSE Warranty, the first of its kind in the industry for ALL our products. In the case of the PLATINUM range of switchgear 10 Years.

Should a Connected Switchgear product fail as a result of our manufacturing process, then you are compensated for your time AND expense in addition to the product replacement.

Please visit our warranty page for full terms and conditions of our guarantee.

switches and socket outlets-1


Unlike our competitors, we are not prepared to sacrifice the quality of our products to offer cheap prices to our customers. Our switches and socket outlets are made from high quality polycarbonate materials, not cheap nylon or ABS. Our polycarbonate materials are UV stable and will not fade when exposed to light.

Our terminal screws are not plated steel to imitate brass, they are solid brass and will not corrode in time like our competitors cheaper alternatives. Our switch contacts are made from a high percentage brass and silver metals, this prevents arcing of contacts that can reduce the life of the switch mechanism.

View our Switches and Socket Outlets

circuit protection


How can you tell if your 6ka miniature circuit breaker is a genuine 6ka?

Competition in the market place always puts downward pressure on product pricing and quality, as a result many companies resort to overrating tactics – stamping a product with a higher rating than it actually is. Some importers aren’t even aware that their manufacturers have overrated a product they are supplying.

For example, a customer may purchase a Miniature Circuit Breaker that has been stamped 6000A, but in actual fact may only be rated at 4500A. Most consumers aren’t aware of the subtle differences between products of a different rating, they just rely on the integrity of the Seller. As a result, the Seller can afford to sell the product at a lower price, simply because he is buying at a lower price because it is not correctly rated.

Connected Switchgear doesn’t play those games. We refuse to be forced into offering sub rated products simply because our competitors do so in order to offer a lower price product. If you can buy a cheap 6ka circuit breaker, then chances are it is not really 6ka or not approved.

View our FUSION Series Circuit Protection

load centers


Load Centres may not be declared articles under the Electrical Safety Provisions Act, however the performance and standard of load centres is certainly covered by the Australian Wiring Rules AS/NZS3000. That makes the electrical contractor responsible for installing products that comply.

Connected Switchgear enclosures are not the cheapest on the market, simply because they are not the cheapest quality, However they do comply with the Australian Standards wiring rules.

All our enclosures are made from high grade polycarbonate materials that are UV stable, with rated temperatures of up to 720 degrees, meaning our enclosures won’t fade or turn yellow with age.

Our neutral links and connecting links are rated at a genuine 165 amps and our 12 and 18 pole enclosures have 4 neutral links, allowing more flexibility in wiring.

Our flush mount enclosures have an optional metal base.

Ask your current supplier what materials their products are made from, you may be surprised to learn that they don’t even know.

View our Enclosures and Accessories

shipping and delivery


At Connected Switchgear we have streamlined our customer service policy. If you place an order by 12pm Monday to Friday, we guarantee to have your order dispatched the same day. If you provide us with your email address at the time of placing your order, we will send you an automatic email verifying that your order has been dispatched along with a tracking number should you need to track and trace your delivery.

When you order online via our website, you can expect to receive your order within 1-5 business days Australia wide.

Read more about our Shipping & Delivery Policy.


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