Simply put and RCBO is a MCB and RCD device together. RCBO’s are normally used in applications where protection against earth leakage currents in addition to overcurrents both overload and short circuit.

They are also useful in situations where space within your meterboard is limited. The benefits of installing an RCBO become obvious in the event the device shuts the power off to a circuit, in this case a single circuit becomes operational not your entire home.

In short RCBO’s protect both the occupants of a building in addition to connected equipment. CSG range of RCBO’s come in 2 types, the original 2 pole and the newer 1 pole width combinations.

All 2 pole models are rated at a genuine 4500a short circuit capacity whereas the newer 1 pole combinations are available in 3000a, 4500a and 6000a models.

Unlike most other competitors RCBO’s, the CSG are not polarity sensitive meaning they can be wired from either top or bottom.

Backed by a 5 Year Inhouse Warranty.