Light Switches & Power Points

Connected Switchgear manufactures a variety of different styles of Light Switches and Powerpoints to suit a wide variety of consumer applications.

For those applications that require a focus on price without compromising performance then the entry level BASIX or BASIX S Series is the choice to make, in applications that demand a more architectural look then the fineline GEO range or the Stainless steel Platinum range will set you apart, right through to the sophisticated feel and operation of the patented Itouch home automation series.

Our products are manufactured using premium materials that our competitors choose not to use due to cost saving measures.

Plastics are polycarbonate which won’t fade with age, terminals and screws are solid brass which when electrified won’t corrode when subjected to ambient moisture.
We provide a full range of mechanisms that are interchangeable across our entire range of products.

All Series (excluding Basix) are available in both black and white colours and warranty is a minimum of 5 Years Inhouse.