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Meet The Team

Anslie Robinson
Customer Care Assistant
At CSG you won’t be frustrated by automated machines when you call. Our first point of contact is our friendly Customer Care Assistant Anslie, whose sole focus is to improve our customers experience, always offering a friendly welcome to all. Anslie co-ordinates front-desk activities, entering sales data, distributing correspondence and redirecting phone calls, prioritising our customers’ needs in all that she does, in a timely and effective manner, all whilst streamlining office operations.
Craig Black
National Business Development Manager
CSG’s Mission is to ensure that as a company it continues to improve and exceed its market position within the electrical industry. Craig’s vast experience and extensive knowledge as Business Development Manager ensures that CSG exceeds its mission. Craig has the unique ability to perceive customer needs and define long-term organizational strategic goals, build key customer relationships and identify and negotiate business opportunities to grow our brand.
Dean Lucantonio
Founder & CEO
Dean has spent his whole life in the building and property development sector, having created and managed a number of successful businesses with published success. In 2004 Dean had a creative desire to develop new and innovative products for the electrical industry, it was then he turned his attention to founding Connected Group Australia P/L with a desire to run with the ball that all other major suppliers had dropped. Always one to unite the team with the core focus of meeting the needs of employees, customers, investors, communities, and the law.
Michelle Mort Disney
Sales Administration Manager
Michelle has joined us in April 2019. She is developing an understanding of our products but also supporting our company mission and culture. As the head of our Customer Service and Sales team, she works hard to ensure that your orders get same day action. Michelle goes above and beyond to exceed customer expectations, creating and maintaining relationships for the company.
Loveena Naidoo
Digital Marketing Manager
Loveena has headed the marketing department since September 2018. She manages all things marketing. Loveena is a major player in onboarding new systems and strategies that will see CSG grow. She manages our digital platforms, including our website and social media networks, and designs and executes online and offline communications and campaigns. She loves staying on top of emerging digital trends and channels to drive target market awareness, engagement, leads and demand generation success.
Loretta Lucantonio
Financial Operations
Loretta works with the Financial Controller, assisting in all account portfolios and the financial management of the company. She keeps the company on track by identifying and preventing discrepancies and helping set up control systems, assisting with the preparation of financial statements in compliance with all official guidelines and requirements.
Nerissa Baijan
Financial Controller
How can you tell when the Financial Controller is getting soft? When she actually listens to Marketing before saying 'NO!' Nerissa manages all the financial information, helping keep customers keep up-to-date with their accounts and payment due dates. She works hard to monitor and control the “pulse” of the company ensuring we are able to maintain a healthy company financially. The less you hear from Nerissa the better - and we mean that in the nicest way possible 🙂
Denis Romero
Warehouse Manager
Denis has years of experience managing warehouse processes and the team. He is a key member of Connected Switchgear, with a strong customer service focus. Denis runs the dispatch team with energy, drive and enthusiasm. His strength is in his ability to be consciously aware of how critical supply of goods are, always striving to deliver in full and on time to customers.
Graeme McDonald
Industrial Design Engineer
Over 35 years experience in Industrial Design / Product Design, specialising in electronic product and domestic appliance design. He was a winner of The Australian Design Awards, Good Design USA and Red Dot Germany. Graeme's role in new product development at Connected Switchgear includes product concept design, mechanical layout, large electronic component and PCB layout, design of plastic and metal components for manufacture. He is also involved in mechanical and thermal testing.
Mark Norris
Electronic Design Engineer
Apart from drinking copious amounts of coffee, Mark’s talent lies in his ability to innovate in areas of electronic design. With over 20 years of experience in the electronics design industry, Mark brings with him a “brain trust” of knowledge and is responsible for bringing from concept to realization the electronic design of various innovative products such as our patented i-TOUCH series.
Peter Birrell
Software Design Engineer
Peter has a determination and passion to succeed in all areas, along with a wealth of experience in software engineering. Peter has been pivotal in designing various products unrivalled in innovation and functionality, with home automation his latest creation for the i-TOUCH series.
Leo Cai
QA Coordinator
Leo has spent 8 years with the CSG team and is responsible for understanding the Australian electrical industry and how best to exceed customers expectations in relation to quality. He monitors the production of product from tooling through manufacturing to shipping and is relentless in his determination to exceed QA expectations.