25A RCD 2 Pole Safety Switch 10kA 250V 30mA

25A RCD 2 Pole Safety Switch 10kA 250V 30mA

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2 Pole Electromagnetic Residual Current Device RCD
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Warranty: 5 Year InHouse
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Connected Switchgears’ FUSION Series range of circuit protection offers a wide range of Residual Current Devices, including this 25A RCD 2 Pole Safety Switch.

Our RCD’s are designed and manufactured to a high standard. All components are made from the highest grade material to ensure reliability in applications where protection against earth leakage and residual current is required. All of our devices are compliant with AS/NZS610081.1. This will give you peace of mind when it comes to safety in your home or workplace. An RCD will constantly measure and monitor imbalances in electricity flow. In the event of danger, it will react within a fraction of a second by shutting power off.

The 25A RCD 2 Pole Safety Switch has a 10kA rated breaking capacity so it’s the perfect choice for ultimate safety protection in a wide variety of applications. They feature ON/OFF indicators, 35mm DIN rail mounting, 30mA, up to 35mm2 cable and a lockable toggle. All RCD’s are available in 1P N and 3P N, 25, 40 and 63amps.

All of Connected Switchgears’ residual current devices come with a 5 Year In House Warranty.

Your safety matters, so don’t risk it. Install an RCD in your home or workplace today.

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