RCD Protected Socket Outlet 5 Pin 20A 500V IP66

RCD Protected Socket Outlet 5 Pin 20A 500V IP66

$155.10 ex. GST

Impact and Chemical Resistant Grey
Product Code: RPSO520-S
Warranty: 5 Year InHouse
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$155.10 ex. GST$155.10 ex. GST


RCD Protected Socket Outlet 5 Pin 20AMP 500V AC IP66

The IMPACT S range of socket outlets have inbuilt RCD protection. This is to avoid electrocution between the body and earth in industrial environments. How does it work? The RCD is constantly monitoring the current flow in both the active and neutral circuits of an electrical installation. If an imbalance of more than 30mA is detected, the RCD will cut the electrical supply to the appliance.

The IMPACT S Series is the latest in our range of IP66 rated RCD protected socket outlets. This series of industrial switchgear is manufactured from impact and chemical resistant material. This is so that it will withstand harsh treatment in most industrial environments.

The newest features of our RCD protected socket outlets include:

  • An optional LED phase indicator panel to quickly and easily identify active phases
  • A lockable soft feel rotary switch
  • A unique ID label panel making circuit identification a breeze
  • Silicone based seals

As with all of our products, this product comes with a 5 Year In House Warranty. That’s right, 5 years! This is so that you can have peace of mind knowing that if a fault arises within a five year period, we will cover the cost of replacing the product and it’s installation by an authorised electrician. In other words, we’ve got your back. Check out our online Warranty Policy for all terms and conditions, otherwise you can view it here!

Our IMPACT S RCD protected socket outlets are certainly next level industrial switchgear, so why not put it to the test today?

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