Load Centres & Enclosures

Load Centres & Enclosures

Load Centres may not be declared articles under the Electrical Safety Provisions Act, however the performance and standard of load centres is certainly covered by the Australian Wiring Rules AS/NZS3000. That makes the electrical contractor responsible for installing products that comply.

Connected Switchgear enclosures are not the cheapest on the market, simply because they are not the cheapest quality, However they do comply with the Australian Standards wiring rules.

All our enclosures are made from high grade polycarbonate materials that are UV stable, with rated temperatures of up to 720 degrees, meaning our enclosures won’t fade or turn yellow with age. Our neutral links and connecting links are rated at a genuine 165 amps and our 12 and 18 pole enclosures have 4 neutral links, allowing more flexibility in wiring. Sold complete with pole fillers, labels and busbars. Available in 4 to 36 pole. Our flush mount enclosures have an optional metal base.

Ask your current supplier what materials their products are made from, you may be surprised to learn that they don’t even know.

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