Modular Contactor 2 Pole 250V AC 40A 2NO

Modular Contactor 2 Pole 250V AC 40A 2NO

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36mm, 2 Normally Open Contacts
Modular Contactor
Product Code: MC240O
Warranty: 5 Year Replacement
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Connected Switchgears’ range of din rail modular contactors have been designed for use in a wide variety of applications where reliable switching of all kinds of loads is required. This applies to both industrial and commercial applications. Our range of modular contactors comply with IEC61095 and IEC60947-4-1.

When it comes to performance, our new and improved modular contactors exceeds customer expectations. These devices are compact and are quiet when in operation. Not only that, but they have a low power consumption.

The internal components are made from high grade materials to ensure reliable performance. The switch contacts have been designed for long endurance by efficiently dissipating heat. These devices are available from 1 Pole 240V 16A, to 4 Pole 400V 100A. They are also available in a variety of open and closed contact configurations.

When it comes to selecting a modular contactor that is right for your application, there are a number of factors to consider. These includes:

  • Power requirement of the connected load (not merely the current rating)
  • Application duty (is it switch resistive load, capacitive or light inductive?)
  • Duty cycle requirement (how many times a day would it need to switch?)
  • Temperature of the operating environment (higher operating temperatures result in reduced contact life)

These factors need to be understood to ensure the life of the product meets your expectations. Exceeding the device rating will reduce the life span of the modular contactor. On the other hand, ensuring the load demands fall below the rating of the device will increase the life span of the device.


  • When mounting multiple devices, please make sure that an airspace is maintained between every 2 units. This is to allow heat dissipation. We have designed a 9mm spacer for use between units.
  • Please download the PDF so that you select the correct amperage to suit your application.

We offer a 5 Year Replacement Warranty on our modular contactors. Click here to view our Warranty Policy, or even watch it here!

You can click here to view the entire range of modular contactors!


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