Quick Connect Plug Base

Quick Connect Plug Base

$5.01 ex. GST

No Tools or Stripping
250V AC 10A 1.5-2.5mm2 3 Core TPS
Product Code: SMS1QF
Warranty: 5 Year InHouse
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The worlds’ first toolless quick connect plug base!

The Quick Fit Plug Base for 1.5-2.5mm2 cable (SMS1QF) and 1mm2 cable (SMS1_1QF) requires no tools to terminate and no stripping of the outer sheath. It’s the fastest terminated quick connect plug base in the market today, terminating in just 4 seconds! That’s 22 times faster than any other plug base!

Our quick connect plug base is fool proof. However, we highly recommend you follow our instructions closely by reading our wiring diagram or watching our Do’s and Don’ts video so that you can achieve 100% termination every time.

We also recommend using a TPS cable that has a tracer mark to identify the active conductor.

There are a number of accessories that accompany our Quick Fit Plug Base that is designed to make the entire mounting process simple and quick. A cable clip (CL25) to keep your cabling in check and a mounting clip (SMS1QFCL) to mount your quick fit plug base onto a C Purlin.

When fitting off the last plug base at the end of a circuit, end termination grommets must be used. Use our SMS1QF-GT, supplied in packs of 5.

The Quick Fit family extends even further!

Combining the smarts of the quick connect plug base with the design of the BASIX S Series, gives you another revolutionary product, the Quick Connect Power Point (BS-POD10QF).

The quick fit plug base is also available to suit 1mm2 cable (SMS1_1QF)


  • No Tools Required
  • No Stripping of the Outer Sheath
  • Terminates in just 4 seconds!

Technical Parameters:

  • 10A 250V AC
  • Suitable for use on 1.5mm2 – 2.5mm2 3 Core TPS Cable
  • Available in Black and White

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  • AS/NZS 3112:2011 Inc A1-3
  • AS/NZS 3100:2009 Inc A1-4
  • AS/NZS IEC 60998.2.3:2012
  • AS/NZS IEC 60998.1:2012

SAA Certification

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