SINGLE USB Charger Mechanism BLACK

SINGLE USB Charger Mechanism BLACK

$35.92 ex. GST

Output 5V – 1.2A
Input 240V AC – 50/60 Hz 0.15A
Product Code: MUSB12B
Warranty: 5 Year InHouse
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Single USB Charger 5V 1.2A BLACK

Connected Switchgear manufactures a variety of USB charger mechanisms
and devices. The MUSB12 recharges all electronic devices including smart phones and tablets. They are also interchangeable between Connected Switchgear plates*. Available in black and white.

Our newest addition to our USB mech range is our fast charge dual USB charger. Our fast charge USB charger has a maximum output of 6.2A 5V. The unique design allows for optional extension cables (MUSB31LLB) to a length of 2.4M that will allow the charging device to be placed separately to the USB mechanism outlet position. This allows installation in a wide variety of applications including those with limited space. View it here!

As with all of our products, our black single USB charger comes with a 5 Year In House Warranty. That’s right, 5 years! This is so that you can have peace of mind knowing that if a fault arises within a five year period, we will cover the cost of replacing the product and it’s installation by an authorised electrician. In other words, we’ve got your back. Check out our online Warranty Policy for all terms and conditions, otherwise you can view it here!

*Not compatible with POD10X or POD10X-L

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